Hi! I´m Patricia. Wedding and family photographer located in Bilbao, although I travel throughout Spain and abroad.

Although I have a degree in Dentistry and I worked as a dentist for years, I decided to bet on my true passion and vocation which is photography. I have been behind the camera for 6 years and I feel privileged to have photographed so many beautiful stories of love and happiness.

I have always thought of photos as a valuable family legacy that one day, will pass into the hands of your children and grandchildren, and I find exciting to imagine them looking at all those momories. For this reason, I have always opted for natural photography, 100% real and timeless. With it, you can relive all those special moments and it will be the link of union with your most precious memories.

I must add that I am a hopeless romantic and I get excited easily. Perhaps that is the reason why I love weddings and everything that happens in them. Be an accomplice of happiness that radiates on that day and being able to capture it with the camera, fascinates me.

As well as take photos of any other important event in your lifes. The illusion of the arrival of a new member to the family, his first steps or the first time that his feet touch the sea… Thera are always uniques and extraordinary moments to be able to photograph.

Finally, I must confess to you that I have a weakness for black and white photos, for blurs, parents who get excited and weddings full of flowers. For the green of our land and the blue of the immense sea. For my dog Tesla who always look at me with love and for my partner Iker, who always looks at both of us in the same way. And for life in general, which teaches, emanates and inspires so much.

How about we know each other?

With all my love…


Throughout these years, I have been fortunate and privileged that some of my work has been published on prestigious wedding portals.