Frequent Questions –

Where are you?

If you want to meet us and talk about your wedding day, I have a cozy office in the center of Bilbao, where we can have a delicious coffee and show you more closely my work.

Consult me in the CONTACT section for the days that I will be there and we can meet us.

Do you travel anywhere in Spain or abroad?

Of course! You just have to keep in mind that those weddings that involve a long displacement, will have to add to the budget travel and accommodation expenses that are necessary.

If you have any questions about it, ask me in the CONTACT section.

How many hours does the wedding report cover?

The report always begins with the bride and groom´s preparations, about 2 or 3 hours before the start of the ceremony and covers up to just over an hour after the opening of the dance, with an approximate duration of 10 hours of reporting. If for some special reason, you have a different wedding timming, or you want more hours to be covered, tell me in the CONTACT section an I will send you the budget adjusted to your needs.

How many photographers go to the wedding?

I love working alone. It is the way I feel most comfortable and obtain better results. That gives me complete movement freedom and more possible angles without another companion appearence in the photos. Think about it, more cameras shooting on the wedding day, more intimidating it will be for you and your guests and the quality of being invisible to capture spontaneous photos dissapears.

Even so, for bigs weddings with a high number of guests, I always have photographers of my same style and total confidence.

You can ask me about it in the CONTACT section.

Is it necessary to do a pre-wedding session?

I would not define it as necessary but I do recommend it. The pre-wedding sessions will bring you many good things. First of all, a nice memory of some natural photos, dressed as you normaly go, and in a special environmet that we choose. Pre-weddings sessions will helps you to have more ease on camera, we will also gain trust between us and this will make everything flow faster and better on the wedding day. In addition, you can always use the photos for your invitations and personal gifts.

How many photos do you submit?

I do not have a limited number of photos. I am totally incapable of throwing nice photos in the trash, so all beautiful ones will be yours. I always tell you that at least, you will get 800 photos of wedding day. Everything will depend on the length of the report, number of guests, event´s decoration, number of special moments…

Could you give us the original files?

I will never deliver the Raw or photos without due processing. In the end, what defines each photographer, in addition to his vision, is the esthetic that he/her prints on his/her photos. Delivering Raw work is like handing it in half-done, unfinished. And it is something that I don´t consider beneficial for neither party.

How long does it take to deliver the photos?

The selection and editing of wedding reports is a meticulous and delicate work, in which I give all my love and sensitivity. It takes many hours of computer´s work. The estimated delivery time will be 1 to 4 months, depending on the moment of the season in which wedding is celebrated and the volume of work accumulated that season.

How can my guests access the wedding photos?

At the dessert´s time, I leave some cards on the tables with the link where the photos will be posted. This gallety will be previously reviewed by you two and you will decide which photos include or not. In this way, your guests will be able to access the report and download the photos for free. A very simple way that all of them can get a nice memory of your great day.

How is the date reservation formalized?

To officially save the wedding´s date it will always be necessary to complete and sign a contract and the payment of 30% of the wedding report as a reservation.

What happens if we don´t want our photos to be published?

Although it´s a pitty for me, there would be no problem. Above all, I always respect your decision and your privacy. I am convinced that you will understand that not show photos, directly hurts my work. They are my showcase and the way to attract new couples. There is always an intermediate point where dialogue and empathy works and we can surely reach an agreement in which both parties benefit.

Besides weddings, do you take another type of photos?

Of course! Weddings are something that I am passionate about but I do not dedicate myself exclusively to them. Photographing families, fashion, business or any other type of event is something that I also love and to which I dedicate a lot of time. If you want to see an examples, you can do it in PORTFOLIO menu.

Where can we follow your work?

If you want to follow more closely the work that I am doing, I advise you to follow me on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK. On social networks I dump content daily and you can see more weddings and sessions that don´t appear on the website.